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Ironworker Learning Management System (IW-LMS)

Welcome to the IW-LMS.

Note to Administrators Regarding Groups


We have a lot of new administrators on the LMS. The other night, a bunch of groups were deleted from the system forcing us to temporarily revoke admin permissions for all. If you delete groups from the groups list, those groups are deleted for all users. The group enrollments and list of students will have to rebuild.

In order to regain admin permissions, we're requiring all users with Administrator permissions (anyone whose name appears in your local Admin group) to register for a quick teleconference. Please sign up by sending an email to with the subject line, [Your Local Number] Admin Permissions Request. 

Group Basics

Viewing Groups

When Admins and Instructors view groups, we can see all groups currently in the LMS for all locals.

To view only your groups, do the following:

  • Select ADMINISTRATOR from the top menu
  • Select GROUPS from the Administer page
  • Enter your 3-digit local number in the Search field (for example, if I was in local 33, I would enter 033) 
  • Select the Search button 

Creating New Groups

New group names must always begin with your 3-digit local number. This way all your groups will remain together in the group list. If I wish to create a new cohort group for my local 000, I would create a new group and name it something along the lines of; 000 Class of 2020-2025.

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